Here is a just a quick post to tell you that whilst I was in the seaside town of Felixstowe today, I found some very chic La Redoute shoe boots that I just had to tell you about!

If you all read yesterday’s ‘Charity Shop Scrounge’ post, you will know how I resisted the urge to buy some beautiful burgundy boots for £12. Well, it looks like the resistance has paid off as I bought these lovely babies from the British Heart Foundation shop in Felixstowe.

At £6.99, not only are they different from the usual shoe boots you come across nowadays, but they are a lovely dark purple colour which makes them stand out and look quite grungy.  Think Parisian grunge. Despite them being a size 2 ½ (I’m a size 3 or 4), I tried them on and they fit just right.

Today’s outfit with my new La Redoute boots

Leopard Print Blouse, Cancer Research Charity Shop
Elephant Necklace, Republic
Purple Shorts, Republic
Purple Shoe Boots, British Heart Foundation Charity Shop

La Redoute is ‘France’s number one fashion collection’, and is available to online here. The brand has two other sister brands in the UK, and offer a wide range of clothing and accessories. That’s Parisian chic with a click of a button!

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