Last week I was in Suffolk for Ipswich Music Day, an event which proved popular with thousands of Suffolk’s finest attending to witness over 60 artists playing seven stages.

Leading up to the day, I quickly interviewed female-fronted pop-rock band, Underline the Sky, who played the ICR/CSV stage,  about their history, plans for the future and what made them want to play one of Ipswich’s biggest events. Enjoy.

Bronwyn Cooper, the lead vocalist in Underline the Sky

1. You’re a five-piece band, how did you form?

We were all friends through each other, but we weren’t actually all direct friends at the time. We all got talking one late night and began to realise that we all shared a love for the same music, performing live, and all wanted to be in a band!

2. What made you want to go into music?
We had been in bands before as hobbies but nothing serious just enjoyed the experience and bonding as friends, getting excited about gigs etc – then Underline the Sky formed and we became more serious and dedicated to the band. As we’ve progressed it’s simply become an addiction, and the only thing we have time for.

3. What music training have you had in the past?
Bronwyn’s had some training but I’m pretty sure the rest of us are completely self taught. (Hicks: “ I’ve got a GCSE in music! ”) We mostly just use all the musical influences from our past and present as motivation to learn, write and play.

4. What are your musical influences?
At the moment we all listen to a lot of modern pop music. It seems to be what we all enjoy at the moment, but I guess our tastes and favorite bands etc change all the time. I think taking influences from all the pop music we listen to and trying to blend them into full band songs is turning out to make a really interesting mix, that we’re really enjoying creating.

Underline the Sky at Ipswich Music Day

5. What makes you so different to all the other bands of your genre?
I wouldn’t say we’re completely different otherwise we wouldn’t have any influences. We just try our best to write songs that we really enjoy.

6. You’ve quite recently released an EP entitled ‘Just So You Know…’, what made you decide to call it that?
What people tell you isn’t necessarily true…

7. You’re currently gigging, which places are you hoping to gig?
We really like to travel. We’d love to play all over Europe and America, if we could figure out a way of funding it!

8. What has been your proudest achievement?
It’s definitely a toss-up between, playing V festival 2009, and managing to make our rusty old LDV van last a two and a bit week tour, in the scorching summer sun!

9. Which festival do you see yourself playing in the future?
If I could visualise it? I’d love to have a sound so universal that we’d fit on the bill of any major festival, haha! I guess everyone would love to play the classics though, Glastonbury, V festival, Reading and Leeds, T4 on the Beach? Radio 1’s Big Weekend?

UTS attracting a huge crowd on the ICR/CVS Stage.

10. Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?
In a traffic jam on the M25 in a LDV convoy? Haha!

11. What made you want to play at Ipswich Music Day?
It’s one of the best days of the year for us. We’ve realised we have an incredibly supportive community in Ipswich and are very proud to be playing an event like this. Lots of sun, friends and music!

12. Any plans later this year, which you are looking forward to?
We are going on a schools tour in October/November to work with the kids in their education and performing for them. There’s also a big get together ceremony style battle of the bands competition between all the schools we visit at the end of the tour. The bands will represent their schools and compete to win. Should be a lot of fun!

Underline the Sky is allowing fans and music lovers-alike to have the chance to download their brand new single, ‘Stay with Me’.  You can also check them out on their MySpace: for more information.

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