A new weekly supplement will take place at The Live Scene called ‘This Week’s Wishlist…”. This week I thought I’d start with one high-street shop which is one of my favourites; Topshop.

I scoured the Topshop website to find things which caught my eye and stumbled across these items. I then created these three ‘going out’ outfits which are my take on the latest fashion trends. Enjoy!

Here they are from clock-wise round:

Outfit 1:
Ecru Leather White Mesh Shirt, £34 – I love, love, love white shirts! I currently own a crisp white shirt from Topshop, which was priced at £45! Needless to say, I have been getting my money’s worth by wearing it as much as I can! When I saw this shirt with leather black stripes across the chest I instantly knew what I could wear it with! Definitely on my ‘must-buy’ list!

Black Leather Zip Side High Waisted Shorts, £48 – I been looking for some black leather shorts for ages, and luckily Topshop have some black high waisted ones to go with the white shirt above! I have always been in the ‘rocky’ sort of style, and this first outfit is so me! It’s also very Alexa Chung.

Sue Black Woven Lace up Shoe Boots, £85 – I’m not much of a shoe person, I just have my standard going out shoes and my standard day shoes – my shoe collection is dire compared to the rest of my friends! But I couldn’t help but add these boots to my Wishlist as they would complement the outfit perfectly. Plus the lattice effect on the boots will lengthen my very short legs!

Lipstick Studs by Danielle Scutt, £15 – I am definitely going to purchase these lovely earrings by Danielle Scutt! These lipstick studs are so eccentric and are just up my street! They will add a bit of colour to the monochrome look, and will complement the red lipstick I will be wearing.

Vintage Look Cocktail Ring, £12.50 – As you know from previous posts, I am currently coveting rings, especially vintage or unique looking ones! This one will complement this outfit perfectly and will make the look more ‘classic’. This ring will also feature in outfit two as well.

Outfit 2:
Bright Blue Two Colour Vest, £30 – Colour-blocking is scattered across front pages and spreads of nearly every fashion magazine. So it comes to no surprise that this trend features in ‘This week’s Wishlist…’ I love the colour blue, it’s one of my favourite colours and this colour-block vest which is bright blue on the front has a bright pink underlay; will look very nice for a night out.

Body Chain,(worn over the vest top) £16.50 – This will be purchased within the coming weeks as I simply love this gold body chain! Teamed up with the bright blue two colour vest, it will brighten the look up and take it away from the ‘simplistic’ look. This is minimalist jewellery at its best.

Pink Pleat Front Shorts, £32 – These pink pleat shorts will go perfectly with the bright blue two colour vest! I’m not usually a fan of pink; however these shorts make me feel all summery!

Sense Cut out Platforms, £70– To complete the outfit; I have picked these blue platforms which will, like outfit one, lengthen my short legs. Plus, these are quite unusual which I very much like!

Outfit 3:
Burgundy Gold Button Epaulette Panel Shirt, £36 – Outfit three is the epitome of the whole tribal/festival look – which I am a big fan of! Again, I love shirts and the colour burgundy, so I couldn’t pass up this opportunity to include this in my final outfit.

Grey Printed Jersey Tapered Trousers, £30 – These printed trousers will go perfectly with the burgundy top tucked into them. I would describe this outfit as quite casual compared to the rest of the ‘going out’ outfits because of the ‘laid-back’ look of the outfit as a whole. Plus print is in!

Skull Tassel Pendant, £14 – This pendant will ‘brighten’ the look up. I love skull accessories, and this necklace, over the top of the burgundy shirt will elevate the look from daytime to night-time.

Wizard Black Suede Wedges, £70 – These wedges will also take the look from daytime to night-time and will complement the look perfectly! Again, I like to show my feet off so I do have some skin on show – despite the top being see-through I will probably wear a plain black vest underneath. This look is perfect for those cold summer nights!

Plain Gold Armour Ring, £12.50 – I am in love with this ring! I am really into my ‘unusual’ rings at the moment and this is the perfect accessory to complete this outfit! Gold jewellery is a favourite of mine and the armour ring will add to the whole ‘tribal/festival’ feel I am going for.

So there you go! Here is my first Wishlist on high-regarded store, Topshop. Next week I will pick my favourite items from one of my all-time favourite stores; River Island.

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