This weekend I went for a cheeky trip to Glasgow. Why you may ask? Well, I’ve never been to Scotland before and seeing as Glasgow is the best place for shopping (outside of London), I thought, hey, why not?

Me and my friend Ali set off early Friday morning for the 2 and a half hour train ride from Preston – needless to say, it was a long journey!

When we arrived at the Glasgow Marriott Hotel – which I must say, was a very suave hotel, (thanks Ali!) we went to the swimming pool/sauna/steam room to lounge around for a bit and to generally get to grips with what the hotel had to offer.

Glasgow caters for everyone, no matter what nationality. Wherever you went there were Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Indian, Chinese and even Brazilian restaurants!  We decided to go to a Mexican restaurant for tea, so we hit Pancho Villas. Here is the outfit I wore for the meal and drinks beforehand.


I ordered chicken Enchiladas and Ali ordered steak fajitas which were very nice! I would recommend Pancho Villas to anyone who likes spicy food!


The next day, we hit the Style Mile, Princes Square and the West End to check out what Glasgow’s shops had to offer.

Naturally, I spent most of my money in Primark. I bought some clothes (these will feature in the next post!) which for their price were a very worthwhile investment.

I also checked out some of the vintage and independent boutiques in Glasgow’s West End, which is the hub for university students. I wanted a chic compact mirror for nights out as a lost mine a while back. I bought this lovely compact from Pink Poodle for only £10 which came in some very cute packaging.

The one thing which struck me about vintage shops is that some try and sell Primark and other high street jewellery at expensive prices and try and pawn them off as ‘vintage’. In one Glasgow vintage boutique, which has a high reputation for selling vintage goods, the store assistant tried to sell me a Primark ring for £12! I could have bought that ring for £2.50 in Primark! So if you like a good old vintage rummage, here’s a warning – be careful on what the shop is selling you for what price!

Nevertheless, I must recommend Glasgow to anyone who loves shopping. It caters for everyone, from savvy fashionistas who like their designer gear, to vintage-loving girlies who like a good bargain!

Here is the outfit I wore on Saturday:

And finally, this leads me onto my last outfit which I wore when I came home yesterday. I wasn’t really sure on the pants as I’m usually a shorts/jeans-kind-of-girl, so these were something a little different for me. I’m glad I bought them though, as I love the print!

Has anyone been to Glasgow? What do you think of the shops/restaurants there?

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