What’s the first thing you think of when you hear that word?

Fat men? Fat old men? Fat old men using it as an excuse for a good ol’ p*ss up?

Yes? You’re not the only one …

Despite the stereotypes associated with this ‘sport’, darts is fast becoming one of the most talked about ‘sports’ alongside ‘proper sports’ such as football and rugby.

Who knew that a game where you have to throw a stick at a target would be interesting?

The origins of darts are not firmly established; with some sources claiming that darts was used as part of training in the ‘martial arts of archery’ and others claiming that bored soldiers just wanted a target to throw their arrows at.

How people in the olden days played darts.

One thing is clear though, the ‘sport’ was created by people throwing arrows at overturned wine barrels.

As the pastime grew popular, some clever chap decided that using wine barrels was tiresome. They decided to use a cross-section of a tree as their new ‘dart’ board.  Clever?! I know!

Even the Royals took a shining to this ‘sport’. With one of Henry VII’s many wives, Ann Boleyn, giving the King an ornate set of darts as a present.

Is it really a sport?
Many people have claimed that darts is a not a sport.

Exeter University Newspaper Sport Editor, Tim Hart argues that: “Darts is a test of mental strength and skill, nothing more. These are just facets of what makes a person a sportsman and a game a sport; they are not enough when just on their own. If it was then why don’t we define chess or poker as sports?”

The definition of a sport according to WordNet is “an active diversion requiring physical exertion and competition.”

It’s safe to say that darts fits this ‘criteria’. Although it’s the only physical exertion is a simply wrist and arm movement, according to WordNet it is a sport.

The Times Giles Smith agrees: “Of course it’s a sport. Those of us who settled with our consciences on this matter a long time ago have moved on to a whole different discussion. What we are wondering is whether darts might be an art.”

So we’ve established how darts came about, and that it is a sport. But is it spectacular?

Well, for one it has its own Premier League, albeit it’s the only league – but hey it’s premier!

Also the atmosphere at a darts game is a tense one. As you can see from PHIL TAYLOR , the current no.1 darts player in the Darts Premier League table win below.

Darts is also the only sport where drinking alcohol is acceptable.

And I think that it is rather spectacular.


–          For all things darts and other sports-related check out my good friend Ali Stafford’s blog.

[FEATURED IMAGE TAKEN FROM: http://www.roksportdarts.co.uk/%5D
[IMAGE 2 TAKEN FROM: http://www.indepthinfo.com%5D
[VIDEO TAKEN FROM http://www.youtube.com%5D

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  2. I should have known it would have been Ali to tell you to post a blog about darts! I must agree with you, however, I used to hate darts myself! I never saw the point of it, it seemed a poor-excuse of a game, let alone a popular sport.

    Although, where I work back home we have a grand ballroom, and often they have huge dart tournements with many famous dart players and the tickets are always sold out within the first day. It’s because of this I have actually met Phil Taylor numerous times along with various other dart legends.

    So I think, for something to be as popular and well liked as that, it must just be a sport that we don’t understand. I’ve never seen any sporting event quite so lively as when the darts are on. Maybe we should give it a try ;) Ali might take us ha!

    The alcohols just a bonus ;)

  3. I think this post now means that you have finally admitted defeat and accept that Darts is a sport :) . You’re quite right though, it is spectacular! xx

    P.S @HelenElizabethWalsh – You’re a lucky so and so meeting the stars. Although you can dream on if you think i’ll take you :P!

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