Mohawks, check. Tattoos, check. Embellished jackets, check.
Embellished jackets?

Indeedly so… Last night Colchester native ESSER started his ‘Royal Headlock Tour’ at intimate venue, Leeds Cockpit with a bang. Or maybe even an explosion would be more appropriate? With his unique style, thunderous drumming and of course his catchy tunes, ESSER pumped up the crowd’s energy for a night of shameless dancing and a good ol’ sing-song. Top-notch songs included ‘Work It Out’, a mix between mellow pop and the gift of a Gameboyer’s gob and ‘Headlock’, a chillaxin’ clash of go-go pop and dance fever. When the gig drew to a close all you could hear was the chant of “More! More! More!” from the ever clapping crowd. Did ESSER fulfil the crowd’s needs? Yes he did, with an amazing encore… Oh, and free t-shirts.Move out the way flu, there’s a new epidemic in town.

And his name is ESSER.



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