clinique moisture surge £29.00 for 100ml

ARE high brow products worth the hype? The Live Scene road tests Clinique’s moisture surge to find out.

What is it?
Clinique is a well known high-end beauty brand which offers skin care products and make up that are all allergy tested and 100% fragrance free. Another one of their selling points is that their products have been designed to address individual skin types and needs.

Its official website states that this product: “Protects skin from dehydration, plumping skin’s ability to hold in soothing, nourishing moisture.”

Why did you buy it?
It was free with a magazine. It is available from the Clinique website for £29.00 for 100ml. I reviewed a 30ml sample.

How do you use it?
The packaging states: “Use whenever, or wherever needed, under or over make up or as a 5 minute moisture mask.“ I used it daily as a moisturiser before I put on my BB cream, and before I went to bed. I tested this for one week in order to give a honest opinion.

I have to say that this is the first Clinique product I have ever used and it certainly won’t be my last! This moisturiser has made significant improvements to my skin (no word of a lie). It’s a lot softer and smoother, and I only have to use a pea sized amount to cover my whole face! The only downside that people could say is that it is very liquidy, which is probably why you only need to apply so little of it. For me personally, I quite like ‘thicker’ moisturisers like Simple’s Hydrating Moisturiser, but Clinique have won me over with this good value for money product. I would definitely pay £29.00 for the full version.

My rating (out of five):

Have you used this product before?


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Note: Skincare is a subjective issue, what might work for my skin (which is a combination of oily and dry) might not work for you.



Okay so it’s been a while on the ‘fashion intern’ front, but I am happy to report that last weekend I was a dresser for London Fashion Weekend!


It might be a far cry from the world of print and PR (I helped with LFW prep at Whitehair Co earlier this month), but this internship allowed me to see the ‘other side’ of fashion. From having a close encounter with the amazing Giles Deacon and the inspirational Hilary Alexander, to seeing the production of several designer and trend shows, needless to say I had an awesome time!

Our role for the day was to steam our model’s clothes, dress them and assist the stylists when they needed our help. It was such a different environment from the ‘newsroom’, and I learnt a lot about what happens ‘behind the scenes’. I would definitely do it again, and hopefully next season I can work with a designer on their show during Fashion Week!


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